Welcome to December 31st, 2026: the James R. Whelan Agency is one of the top  advertising agencies in the country. 
It’s the place where both growing businesses and the best advertising professionals and salespeople can realize their potential. 

Our team not only skyrockets our clients’ businesses and scales the impact they  can make in the community, 
but they also build their own financial futures by working at JRWA. 
You can become a millionaire working here—if you’re ready to put in the work.
At JRWA, your possibilities are endless. 
How did we become the advertising agency everyone wants to work either for or  with?
It all starts with sticking to our principles...
We’re led by our President, Jim Whelan, who’s a master at laying out the path for where we want to take the business. He’s involved with more  high-level decision-making and less of the day- to-day. Much of that is driven by our Executive Vice President, who focuses on how to expand  the business, customer attraction and retention  strategies, and drumming up innovative ideas for  how to expand those clients’ businesses. 

Our two Sales Managers are not only experts at bringing in more clients, but they’re also focused  on the education and development of our Sales  Team. They coach the team on best practices  for cold calling, for client interaction, and other 
topics that make our Sales Team the best in the business. 

Once a business signs on to work with us, the Media Department develops a high-level strategy  to get that client where they want to go. This  team is in charge of media buying on TV and  radio, Google, and YouTube, and they work to get our clients’ messages in the right places, in front  of the right audiences. They also build out funnels to attract even more customers to our client’s business. 

Our Video Production Department creates top-notch advertising content for YouTube,  integrating a high-quality visual component to  our clients’ message. 

And to keep the business running smoothly behind the scenes, the Accounting Department crunches numbers and evaluates opportunities for growth; Human Resources keeps our team  happy and our business in compliance; and the Legal Department ensures we’ve dotted all our i’s  and crossed all our t’s.


This is not a stuffy suit-and-tie operation:  come as you are, and feel comfortable in your own skin. We know that hard work and commitment are what success is made of, not  a certain uniform you wear. 

That’s not the only way we’re busting past  the “typical” way of doing things. At our  agency, you’ll never see any commission cuts. We want our people to make as much  money as they work for, so we refuse to  build a ceiling over their potential. If you’re a highly driven salesperson who cares about  building relationships with clients; wants to  help customers grow their businesses; and  wants a job where your compensation directly corresponds with the amount of work you put  in, you belong here. 

We’re a team that works hard, but still knows  how to have fun, and we reward a job well  done. Each month, we let our top performers  “spin the wheel” at our office to choose a prize. You can win anything from a gift card to  a weekend with your spouse at a 5-star hotel.  Once a year, we also reward one of our team  members with an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World.

We reward success, and we give you the  tools to get there. Whether it’s a course you want to take about the latest SEO strategies,  or an advertising conference you want to  attend, we’ll pay for your education. We even  started our own digital marketing conference,  held annually in Miami where we bring in some of the best thought leaders in our space  for top-notch education and networking.



Our work is simple: to make each of our clients  the most powerful name in their particular  niche, through a holistic marketing approach. 

We’ve expanded beyond just email marketing,  which was our foundation for so long. Now,  we take a 360-degree approach to expanding  our clients’ businesses; we offer services in  email marketing, YouTube and Google ads,  SEO, and funnel building. We coach our clients  to see beyond what they’ve always done, and recognize all they could do. We teach  them how to find new, future-proof avenues  through which they can generate revenue for  their businesses. For example, a hair salon  owner might believe the only revenue stream  they have access to is working with clients  one-on-one. But we help them find new  income-generating revenues: online guides or at-home tips that customers can purchase, a line of products, or more. Our business is built  on seeing past limits, and that philosophy extends to our clients. 

To get the word out about our clients’  products and services, we integrate a variety of strategies into one cohesive plan. Through email marketing, we help our clients keep in  regular contact with their customers so they can stay updated on their latest offers. We use  YouTube and Google ads to help clients target  their message to specific audiences. Through our SEO services, we ensure our clients show up in organic search traffic, when their ideal customers search for the services or products  they provide. We also recently added a funnel- building department, which focuses on building  up clients’ email lists, and filling them with their ideal customers.
Right in the heart of West Palm Beach, under a roof with our name in lights on top, you’ll find the JRWA headquarters. Come through the front door, and you’ll instantly see a team that expertly balances doing  a kick-ass job, with having fun at work. Walking through the office, you’ll hear our sales team chatting  on the phone with clients, interspersed with laughter throughout the various departments as our team jokes around with each other. 

We offer a hybrid work arrangement, where team members can choose to work from the office, or remotely when they need to. Now that we’ve built a team of the highest quality, we trust that they’ll  get the job done, no matter their location.  With our expansion of advertising services to include video ads, we have a state-of-the-art recording studio in the office, where we film our clients’ ads using the best technology, camera equipment, and lighting. 

More than anything, you’ll notice that this is a team who enjoys each other’s company. Everyone gathers around a table back in the kitchen to eat lunch together, or takes their food outside to the picnic tables to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful lake views in the background.


By investing in our own team, we invest in their  ability to expand our own business. We never  limit commission checks, and that opportunity  inspires our salespeople to hustle for more leads, put in the time to nurture those relationships, and continue to build a strong foundation for the company. Our ideal client is a business owner who wants to spend heavily on direct-response marketing tools, and we connect with them in a variety of places in 2026. Whether it’s through diligent follow-up over the phone with cold leads, a long-term relationship with a potential client where a sale is won through persistence and patience, or meeting new clients at conventions or community events, sales is ourlifeblood. 

That commitment to sales has paid off  immensely in our financial health: we’re on track to make $30M in sales in 2026.


The endless potential of our impact isn’t just obvious in  advertising. In keeping with our core value of responsibility to each other, we believe in making a difference in our community and the world, too. 

We have a special relationship with the Caring House  Project, which works to build villages for underprivileged families in Haiti. We give a portion of our proceeds back to the organization, sponsor orphanages in Haiti, and even 
send some of our team members to Haiti to help out on the  ground. 

Back in Florida, our community impact is far-reaching.  Sometimes if we see someone on the news working to make their community better—through a Christmas giving project, or a weekly soup kitchen—we like to show up and 
surprise them with a monetary donation or an offer to help  out in person. We also donate to several animal shelters in the region who work to find loving homes for rescued animals.


I started this agency out of my garage more than a decade and a half ago. Since then, we’ve weathered the ups and downs of getting a business off the ground, and become a household name in advertising. 

It’s no wonder then that we believe in the power of exponential growth-of our clients’ businesses, and of our own team members.  We view everything not through the lens of the status quo, but from the lens of potential. We look at clients’ businesses, and dream of all the ways they could scale their impact, all the methods they could use to turbocharge their message.

And when it comes to our team, in growing at their own careers and lives, they’re just as allergic to the status quo.

Here, there’s no limit on commission. Here, there’s no ceiling to a person’s potential.

At JRWA, we don’t put a cap on what is possible.

We simply provide the jumping-off point.

You can build financial freedom at this agency: all it takes is hard work and a commitment to growth.

If you’re ready to make that commitment—and you’re ready to
become financially independent at a company that cares about your growth—we’d love to have you on the team. Call me (561-432-0075, extension 301), or send an intro video to me at James.Whelan65 on Skype, when you’re ready to join the most
powerful team in advertising.


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